Welcome Aboard!

A nostalgic journey of the US Navy Boiler Technicians who worked in the Oil Lab on board the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Every Picture Tells a Story

June says, "Come on Hendricks, you've played with the Game Boy for 3 hours straight. It's time someone else gets a turn!"

2C Boiler

Most people thought there were only 8 boilers on the USS John F. Kennedy (2 in each main machinery space). Little did they know Big John's Oil Lab had it's own boiler: The 2C Boiler. It brewed somewhere around 1 million cups of coffee!

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Sounding Tube

While browsing around on Google's image finder, I typed in the words "sounding tube" and this was one of the first things that showed up. A little different from most sounding tubes I remember. Oh well. Rock On!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spinning Wheel, Gotta' Go Round

Although I had only been on board the "Big John" for a few days, as you can see by this picture, I had become quite amazed at how an aircraft carrier operated. "Wow, when you turn it upside down the wheels spin round and round!"

BT3 Griffith

Match the Oil Lab Shipmate

I'm gonna throw a few incidents out there and see how good the collective memory is. See if you can match the Oil Lab 'shipmate' with the incident in question...(no need to name them on the site...loose lips sink ships...or so they say)

1. Who was it that was arrested in Oceanview for shooting bottle-rockets at "He-shes" from a moving vehicle?

2. Who opened the wrong valve during a pump-up and put about 2 inches of fuel in a berthing?

3. Who used to have Domino's pizza delivered to 17FOX by way of a salt$pepper reel?

4. Who "appropriated" a fully cooked (and quite tasty) Thanksgiving turkey from the officer's ward room?

5. Who stopped up the toilet in the restroom at the restaurant in Izmir Turkey?
That's enough for now. See if you can name the culprits. :)
BT3 Hannah

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Amazing Technical Skills

One thing that always amazed me about the Navy was the technical expertise of some of the men I worked with. Here is a prime example: BT2 Alford showing off his Tetris skills! As you can see, although he is quite engrossed in his task, he's also able to retain his calm, cool and collective demeanor. He appears to be quite comfortable too! Way to go Bob! You've almost reached level 3000 and all that during your "work day!"
BT3 Griffith

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"It's a Big Wheel Out There"

Does anyone remember the saying..."It's a big wheel out there?" It was usually said in reference to the turnover of the watch. For instance, if the previous watch had not pumped up fuel tanks, and left it to do for the next watch, the oncoming watch would say something like..."It's a big @#*@# ing wheel out there guys!" I believe it was a particular favorite saying of BT3 Reyes.

BT3 Griffith

Monday, September 17, 2007

Story of the Picture and Calender

Here is the story of how I acquired the famous picture and the calender from 1991.

The picture was originally taken sometime around Christmas of 1990. It was taken by a ship's photographer and was to be framed and sent to Chief Hanley as a retirement gift. There were 3 copies of the original picture and they were sent to the Oil Lab in an envelope sometime after the first of the year.

According to the 1991 Kennedy Calender, the pictures turned up missing sometime around the first week of February.
A week went by and the pictures had not shown up despite many warnings from a certain Senior Chief, (who originally commissioned the picture to be taken). The result: EVERYONE was made to stay on watch until they were returned. Many were angry and some blamed each other, but after about 24 hours they mysteriously appeared at a sounding tube! I did not take them and to this day, it remains a mystery to me who did!

From the time they were returned, (Feb. 1991) until the week before I left the Kennedy, (April 1993) they sat in that announcement window thingy that hung on the wall, just beside where we used to tally the fuel oil soundings. When the time came for me to leave the Navy, (April of 1993) I was the only one left from the picture who was still on the Kennedy. Everyone, who was in the picture, or cared about it, was long gone. I even asked BT1 Fortune and Chief Wagenknect if I could have the pictures, ( notice I said pictures...,more on that later) and the calender. They said sure! No one knew anyone in the picture except for me.

The same goes for the 1991 Kennedy Calender. I still remember asking, "Does anyone want this old calender from 1991?"

Nope..., take it! They said.
So, that's the story, and I got them fair and square. But now, I get to share them with you guys and I hope they bring back some good memories for you as they've done for me.

Oh yeah..., I almost forgot. There were only two pictures. I assume Senior "B" sent Chief Hanley the other third one. (Chief Hanley, if you read this I will gladly send you a copy if you send me your address) But, I did take the other two pictures. Carl June visited me in Roanoke back in 1997 and I gave him the other copy.
BT3 Griffith (Griff)

Tupper Lake Free Press

Does anyone remember Tupper Lake's favorite son who was also a member of Big John's Oil Lab? He used to get the Tupper Lake Free Press and read it religiously. I still recall the "Drug Bust On Big Tupper" article.
BT3 Griffith

Ghost in #2 Pump Room

Big John now sits at Pier 6 (what used to be pier 2) at Norfolk NOB. I hear that she sits there with only one person patrolling her P-ways at any given time. Can you imagine being the only person on that big ol' girl? That would have to be an eerie feeling, especially knowing about the ghost in #2 Pump Room...right Griff?
BT3 Hannah(Dooley)